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A multi-functional rocker with a table top is a unique combination of great fun and productive leisure. A wooden rocker provides excellent aid for proper child’s motor development as well as motor fitness. The rocker’s multitude of possible uses puts it in the elite of toys in the field of functionality and practicality. The rocker can be used, obviously, to rock, but also to climb, or it can serve as a shelter for Your child.
One of the rocker’s side is full, which gives younger children a sense of security while rocking. When You put it on the other side, the multi-functional rocker becomes a full-fledged desk. You can very easily extend the rocker’s primary functionality by adding dedicated products (modules).

Real size

5-15 y.

50 kg

Rocker XXL

129,00 €

Dedicated extenstions

Slide/Climbing Wall ClimbSlide

49,00 €

Table top Surface

49,00 €


39,00 €

Chair – bookshelf
Dino Shelf

59,00 €

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Key functions

XXL Rocket

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The Big Rocker is a beautiful, wooden toy, which combines two functions, opposite at the first glance. It gives Your child multidimensional training, but also provides space for relaxation and rest after having fun. In one moment it serves as an either one or two person swing, slide, bridge, ladder or shelter, and in a second it transforms into a bench or desk. When Your child gets tired of playing, he/she can lay safely in the rocker and fall into sleep. The Great Rocker is 102 cm long, 54 cm tall and 48 cm wide.

Slide/climbing wall

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The slide / climbing wall, designed for The Big Rocker, is probably the longest available slide. Regular slides are 75-80 cm long. Our product is equipped with a safe brake mounted upfront. By turning the slide around, you can easily and quickly change it into the climbing wall and the other way round. The climbing wall has four, evenly placed handles, for child’s better grip. You simply install the slide module, putting the brake between the rocker’s rungs. The slide / climbing wall is 95 cm long and 39 cm wide.

Table top Surface

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The table top allows you to turn The Big Rocker into a full-fledged desk easily and quickly. A special groove guarantees stable and precise mounting and two blockades ensure You that the table top stays stable when in use.

Chair – bookshelf
Dino Shelf

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A big chair, adjusted to the size of The XXL Rocker. The size of the chair is optimal for a child around 108 – 142 cm tall. The back, installed at a certain angle, ensures safe and comfortable use. The chair is 78 cm tall and 41 cm wide. The seat is located 33 cm from the floor. Additionally, the chair is equipped with two bookshelves, located at the back. While Your child is having fun, his/her favorite books and small items will always be at his / her fingertips.

Softy XXL Pillows

A beautiful and soft double pillow, made of velour, designed for The XXL Rocker, in versatile light gray. The pillow makes the rocking much more enjoyable and comfortable. It has the OEKO Tex 100 Certificate, which guarantees the best quality and safety. The pillowcase can be washed in the washing machine at 30 degrees Celsius (around 86 degrees Fahrenheit).



It is big and comfortable, perfect for older children – at the age of 5 to 15 . That is right – even teenagers will appreciate the quality of our product. The XXL Rocker dimensions are 102 x 54 x 48 cm.

Multiplicity of use

The XXL Rocker can be used in a number of ways and it provides space for your child’s creativity! It aids Your child while exercising, leisure, as well as creative activities. It’s functionality can be expanded by installing additional modules.

Eco-friendly materials

The XXL Rocker, together with all the modules, is made from processed wood of medium density, paper laminated, containing 92 % of wood. It is fully Eco-friendly and degradable. It has a hygienic certificate issued by IBU – Institut Bauen und Umwelt e.V., Berlin.


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