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Rocking and swinging

From the viewpoint of

children, the playground is supposed to fulfill one function – having fun. Parents, however, want him to be safe and help their children develop. Physical activity in the playground supports the child’s motor skills, develops proper muscle tone and proper body posture. Playing together teaches interpersonal relationships, rules, patience and sharing.

Little experts believe that the playground should not be complete without a swing and a slide. Swings, rockers, rocking devices, i.e. all devices thanks to which the child moves rhythmically. The rocking reflex calms down and calms down. Swinging has a positive effect on the concentration of attention in children who have trouble focusing on one activity.

In the conditions of a home playground, a classic, large rocker will be perfect for this role. In addition, it will allow you to extend the functionality in a very simple way by a climbing wall or a slide. Rocking and modernity? Nothing hard. The AirBike wooden running motorbike will provide your child with hours of balance, concentration and imagination training when he takes a little kid on a long journey. The jogging motor will also provide the child with alternating movement, which improves the interaction of both cerebral hemispheres, which has a positive effect on the development of intelligence.

On the playground

there are also ladders and slides. Climbing develops arm muscles, grip, coordination and the sense of balance. Climbing ladders and climbing walls help to get used to the height and overcome fear. Let’s add a slide on the other side to the ladder and we have the slide that is most crowded with children. The slide perfectly improves balance, coordination and concentration. Playing on the slide with companions is a great lesson in cooperation, patience and social rules.

When it rains, children get bored and complain about the lack of exercise. Putting a wooden slide in the room will be a great solution for a cold and rainy day. Babies in love with it will not allow you to put it together, even in sunny time, which is worth using and moving the toy to the garden.

The balancing elements perfectly influence the development of balance and teach how to balance the body properly. The biggest benefit of using toys that support development is the fact that the child develops through play!

The playground is the perfect playground. Joy and development in one place. Outside and in the children’s room.

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