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Rocker XXL


The XXL Rocker is unique. The kids love it. It is a combination of two worlds – madness and tranquility. In one moment, it serves as a swing, rocker, bridge, climbing ladder or other element of the obstacle course, and literally in a moment it turns into an oasis of rest and sleep for a child.
Perfectly supports the physical development of your child’s motor skills. It educates and polishes the sense of balance. With additional modules, you can build a coherent, complete and safe playground in your child’s room!

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The lowest price ( 2024-07-21 ):  139,90
Size [cm]102 x 54 x 48
Age range2-15 y.
Max load [kg]100
Color White/natural
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XXL Rocker

139.90  111.92 

The XXL Rocker is a beautiful, wooden toy, which combines two functions, opposite at the first glance. It gives Your child multidimensional training, but also provides space for relaxation and rest after having fun. In one moment it serves as an either one or two person swing, slide, bridge, ladder or shelter, and in a second it transforms into a bench or desk. When Your child gets tired of playing, he/she can lay safely in the rocker and fall into sleep. The Great Rocker is 102 cm long, 54 cm tall and 48 cm wide.


Slide/climbing wall

51.90  41.52 

The slide / climbing wall, designed for The XXL Rocker, is probably the longest available slide. Regular slides are 75-80 cm long. Our product is equipped with a safe brake mounted upfront. By turning the slide around, you can easily and quickly change it into the climbing wall and the other way round.
The climbing wall has four, evenly placed handles, for child’s better grip. You simply install the slide module, putting the brake between the rocker’s rungs. The slide / climbing wall is 95 cm long and 39 cm wide.

Table top Surface

49.90  39.92 

The table top allows you to turn The XXL Rocker into a full-fledged desk easily and quickly. A special groove guarantees stable and precise mounting and two blockades ensure You that the table top stays stable when in use.

Chair – Dino XXL

40.90  32.78 
A big chair, adjusted to the size of The XXL Rocker. The size of the chair is optimal for a child around 108 – 142 cm tall. The back, installed at a certain angle, ensures safe and comfortable use. The chair is 78 cm tall and 41 cm wide. The seat is located 33 cm from the floor. Additionally, the chair is equipped with two bookshelves, located at the back. While Your child is having fun, his/her favorite books and small items will always be at his / her fingertips.

Chair – bookshelf
Dino Shelf

69.90  55.92 
A big chair, adjusted to the size of The XXL Rocker. The size of the chair is optimal for a child around 108 – 142 cm tall. The back, installed at a certain angle, ensures safe and comfortable use. The chair is 78 cm tall and 41 cm wide. The seat is located 33 cm from the floor. Additionally, the chair is equipped with two bookshelves, located at the back. While Your child is having fun, his/her favorite books and small items will always be at his / her fingertips.

Softy XL Pillows


A beautiful and soft double pillow, made of velour, designed for The XXL Rocker, in versatile light gray. The pillow makes the rocking much more enjoyable and comfortable. It has the OEKO Tex 100 Certificate, which guarantees the best quality and safety. The pillowcase can be washed in the washing machine at 30 degrees Celsius (around 86 degrees Fahrenheit).

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It is big and comfortable, perfect for older children – at the age of 5 to 15 . That is right – even teenagers will appreciate the quality of our product. The XXL Rocker dimensions are 102 x 54 x 48 cm.

Multiplicity of use

The XXL Rocker can be used in a number of ways and it provides space for your child’s creativity! It aids Your child while exercising, leisure, as well as creative activities. It’s functionality can be expanded by installing additional modules.

Eco-friendly materials

The XXL Rocker, together with all the modules, is made from processed wood of medium density, paper laminated, containing 92 % of wood. It is fully Eco-friendly and degradable. It has a hygienic certificate issued by IBU – Institut Bauen und Umwelt e.V., Berlin.


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Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 3 cm

18 reviews for Rocker XXL

  1. Nicole

    Today our children were presented with the rocker plus slide.
    The price-performance ratio is just great!
    Add to that this neutral, timeless design.
    We are very happy about the set!

    Thank you very much for EVERYTHING!

  2. Hernandez

    Perfect and ingenious article! Very good quality! Really more than filled with my purchase! And at a very good value for money
    Thank you!!!!!

  3. Alicja

    I bought the rocker for my daughter when she turned one year old. Since then (and it is now 2.5 years old) the rocker has been in use every day. First as a rocker, then a climbing wall and now a favorite table with works that fit teddy bears and dolls. I highly recommend this product. The child will surely be delighted ????. Now we are considering buying a bigger one.

  4. Katarzyna Drabik

    The pillow is great, soft, thick, in a very nice neutral color that goes with everything. Our children love to go crazy on it, swing, but also lie down and rest. We are also pleasantly surprised by the quality of the pillow. It is well sewn, has a very nice quilting and, apart from looking good and serving, it also seems to have a great effect as a protector for the child’s back and against hitting the wooden elements of the rocker during pranks. Great product. Good job.

  5. Katarzyna Drabik

    Great chair!!! It meets all possible requirements for parents who are looking for something nice, tidy and practical, and for children who have a few fun ideas for a second. My son is delighted because the chair is his favorite dinosaur, and by the way he has coloring pencils and books that he loves to play with – on the shelves behind his back. The height of the seat is ok, it fits both for a two-year-old and for a four-year-old without a problem. Great idea, great solution and a lot of fun to use.

  6. Katarzyna Drabik

    How much joy, how much fun, how many ideas and how much time to breathe for parents! The set works in almost every possible role except for its basic uses – it is a swing, a house, a hideout, a playground, a rocking chair, a desk, a command center in an airplane, a shop with a counter, literally everything. The workmanship is impeccable, the possibilities for children to play are endless, and the joy is priceless. The best investment!

  7. MamaPiW

    We bought the XXL rocker with the slide to support our son in his work on sensory integration. It was on the slide, which is an additional module for the XXL rocker, that the less than four-year-old went down the slide for the first time. The possibility of mounting additional modules at different heights gives a chance to adjust the difficulty level of play to the needs and skills of the child. Careful workmanship and a pleasant wooden surface guarantee that even a child hypersensitive to tactile stimuli will feel comfortable. I have already recommended the rocker to many friends, because I know that learning skills through fun is the most pleasant and brings the best results. Looking at the development of control over the body of a 4-year-old that brought regular play on the XXL rocker, I can assure you that you will never regret the purchase.

  8. Joanna Janik

    I recommend! And I’m going to buy! The rocker is very nice and aesthetic, and it’s super easy to assemble. As soon as we put it together, our son sat down and started rocking in it. We also bought a slide, which he wants to climb himself, even though he doesn’t walk yet:-D a chair and a countertop that will definitely help him learn to write and draw, and he will also probably eat his meals. I recommend it again! And I will definitely come back for the climbing wall, maybe this Christmas ❤️

  9. Aga Kasai

    Son loves Rocker xxl. He uses it for everyday climbing, but it also serves as a silencer when the little one is exhausted. I highly recommend the purchase. Previously, we had a Rocker omni and it also worked great. In the bigger one, however, my son can lie down and relax ❤️

  10. Przemysław Krzemiński

    The rocker works 100%. We decided to buy a set with a slide and it was probably the best choice. Though it would have been perfect on its own. The set supports motor coordination, teaches balance, climbing and many other skills. It’s hard to tear your daughter away from playing, and we had a lot of concerns about whether it’s worth buying. It soon turned out that they were premature. Very good value for money. I recommend both the rocker itself and the Lunekids brand!

  11. Marta

    I heartily recommend this product. We play with it almost every day, my sons – 1.5 and 4.5 years use it, so it’s an item for a child of all ages. In addition, the older son has sensory integration disorders and Bujak helps him calm down and calm down 🙂

  12. Żaneta Kąkolewska

    We highly recommend lunekids sets and products. They are made with great care and attention. The child loves the purchased set and could play and develop on it all the time. Lunekids is a brand that develops a child on many levels. We highly recommend it and we will definitely use it many times, because the joy of a child is the most important thing and here we have not only the joy of a toddler, but also development and learning 🙂 Customer service is also at a high level. We highly recommend everyone! 🙂

  13. Marzena klimczyk

    Hello ! I bought the whole set with a big rocker, a climbing wall, a slide, a desk and a chair! It’s really sensational! Always in use! I have a 1.5 year old daughter and a 12 year old son and they are happy to play on it together! The daughter not only rocks herself, all the dolls rock in it ???? and all moms know how precious are the moments when the little ones play with something for a while! I also recommend it for children who have problems with sensory disorders, it was recommended to us by a physiotherapist and actually helps us practice in terms of motor development ???? So I don’t regret it because the toy meets my expectations! In addition, it fits perfectly into our boho interior ???? The workmanship is at the highest level! Contact with the seller was also very nice!

  14. Aleksandra Rodak

    Brilliant! It has been part of our playroom for 3 months, very durable, and as you know, in such a place it is exposed to quite strong exploitation 🙂 Children climb, rock, slide … parents often use it too 🙂 Several of our guests also bought a rocker after testing it with us… opinions similar to ours 🙂 We recommend!

  15. Anita i Mariusz

    Some time ago we bought a large XXL rocker with a slide and a climbing wall (2in1). This is the greatest gift we could give to our children who are on the autism spectrum. They can unload their emotions on it by climbing, sliding down, but also calm them down by rocking. We have a 2 and 3-year-old on board and the two of us can easily lie in a rocker and swing, so there are no unnecessary arguments between siblings. The rocker also serves as a hiding place where they find their oasis of peace. We also train balance on the rocker, so it is also great as a balance beam for children. Lots of fun! The rocker serves as a garage for larger cars, a bridge, a mountain to climb, a house and much more. Thanks to you, my husband and I can enjoy a moment of peace, which allows us to drink hot coffee with two very demanding toddlers. Thank you! ???? ❤️

  16. Kindermxz

    We bought the rocker some time ago and it was the best purchase we’ve made so far! My son can play for hours! The multifunctionality of the rocker means that the product will probably never get bored. You can slide, climb, swing! With my son, we love to make it a base, or just lie down and relax. I already know what gifts I will give to newborn children in the family! I wholeheartedly recommend these young and old cliffs!

  17. Aneliesse

    The rocker has been with us for a month and I can’t imagine how we could spend days at home without it before. When the air does not encourage you to go out, both the rocking option itself and climbing the ladders and the slide help us direct the daughter’s excess energy. We also have a climbing option, but the love for slides is so great that for a month it was not possible to test it even once. Both elements are heavy and stable enough not to move or tip over during use, but at the same time they are easy to move when not in use. The slide is easy to hide in a small vertical space while using the rocker. In my eyes, the rocker is suitable for both older children to climb, slide or rock, as well as for younger children who learn to walk or climb and tame larger slides on outdoor playgrounds.

  18. Milena Czaplicka

    I thought about buying a rocker for a very long time. I wasn’t sure if it wasn’t just another fashionable Instagram gadget that would get bored quickly and would just take up space in the apartment. Finally, I found a promotion that convinced me to buy an XXL rocker with a slide and a desk 🙂 It was a hit!!! This product is truly multifunctional. You can invent a lot of games and only your imagination limits us here. Children can develop not only creativity, but also their balance, practice balance. The slide is a hit. The only thing I regret is that I didn’t buy it earlier 🙂 I recommend it with all my heart, because it is a purchase for years for both older and younger children.

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