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RockRider™ ride-on rocker


A rocker can be a fantastic and really multifunctional toy – children know it, parents admit it. We can transform it into a desk, a slide, a climbing wall…
How about trying something unusual? What if you could turn it into a car in one move?
Yes – in the car! A unique, double-sided rocker – the RockRider ride-on is a complete breath of fresh air.

What is especially worth paying attention to is the design for the youngest children, aged from 6 months to 2 years.
RockRider has a comfortable, double-sided seat with a backrest, as well as raised sides, thanks to which your child is always in a safe, separated space –
regardless of whether it is currently swinging or driving.

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Size [cm]69 x 35 x 35
Age6 m -2 y.
Maximum load [kg]50
ColorWhite/natural wood

Ride-on Rocker

Hands-free driving, or rocking without driving. You decide. Or rather, your child. RockRider™ is a unique combination of a ride-on and a rocker. With one flick, turn it around and completely change its destiny. Yes – your child will love it.

Meet RockRide™

as a rocker

RockRide™ is a classic rocker on the one hand. Equipped with a comfortably placed seat, it will be used by the child to rock and swing. The wide seat and secure backrest define the concept of comfort. Three rungs placed under the child’s feet ensure tight filling of the space and great support for the feet.

as ride-on toy

Turn the RockRide™ rocker into a ride-on in one move. Just turn it over and it transforms from a calm rocking and swinging device to a car! Your child will be the happiest in the world discovering new uses of our RockRide™. Large wheels with a diameter of 130 mm ensure freedom of movement. The round handle made of smooth wood across the entire width is positioned perfectly in front of the child.

Safe space
for swinging and driving

A comfortable, specially designed double-sided seat with backrests ensures comfortable and safe use of RockRide™ both as a rocker and as a ride-on. Handles dedicated to each side enable stable play. In addition, the raised sides together with the handles create a safe, separate space for the full comfort of your child.

Beautiful workmanship

Wooden, oiled finishes, beautiful, smooth edges, as well as well-thought-out, quick and simple assembly. You’ll find it all in our RockRide™.

It's unique

RockRide™ is one and only. It is a unique experience for you and your child. Coming soon additional modules extending the functionality, making it even more unique.

2 Years Warranty
14 Days For Return
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See in 3D

Work in progress

Instructions for using the product model in 3D.


Stable, tested construction

The Junior Slide is exceptionally stable. Even dynamic use is safe. It is equipped with profiled handles, adapted to the height and hands of a child, which ensure safe climbing. The seat, of the suitable length, helps to set the right sliding position. The slide part guarantees smooth and fast slide.

Easy assembly

There are only few elements and few screws. The assembly shall take about 5 minutes.

Eco – friendly materials.

The Junior Slide is made from beech wood and processed wood of medium density, paper laminated, containing 92 % of wood. It is fully Eco-friendly and biodegradable. It has a hygienic certificate issued by IBU – Institut Bauen und Umwelt e.V., Berlin.


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Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 3 cm


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