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Omni multifunction rocker


A multi-functional rocker with a table top is a unique combination of great fun and productive leisure. A wooden rocker provides excellent aid for proper child’s motor development as well as motor fitness. The rocker’s multitude of possible uses puts it in the elite of toys in the field of functionality and practicality. The rocker can be used, obviously, to rock, but also to climb, or it can serve as a shelter for Your child.
One of the rocker’s side is full, which gives younger children a sense of security while rocking. When You put it on the other side, the multi-functional rocker becomes a full-fledged desk. You can very easily extend the rocker’s primary functionality by adding dedicated products (modules).

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Size [cm]69 x 35 x 40
Age range1-3 y.
Max load35 kg
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Omni rocker

81.90  65.52 
A multi-functional rocker with a table top will evidently work great as a rocker. But when put upside down, it forms an arched ladder with rungs. In this setup it can be used as a shelter – a child can go under a rocker. When You put a rocker on a shorter side, full side up, it serves as a full-fledged desk, ready for both – creative activities, as well as for studying. The dimensions of the multi-functional rocker with a table top : 69 x 35 x 40 cm.

Little Slide

A slide is dedicated to the multi-functional rocker. It is equipped with a safe brake, what makes its surface flat, suitable for smaller children. You simply install the slide module, putting the brake between the rocker’s rungs. A slide is 66 cm long and 33 cm wide.

Climbing wall
Little Climb


Climbing wall goes with three handles, which make it easier for a child to climb a slanted wall. You just install the climbing wall module, putting the brake between the rocker’s rungs. The climbing wall is 66 cm long and 33 cm wide.

Dino chair


A lovely chair in a shape of a dinosaur, designed for the multi-functional rocker. The back, installed at an optimal angle, ensures safe and comfortable use. The dinosaur chair is 60 cm tall and 24 cm wide. The seat is 26 cm from the floor.

Softy L pillow


A beautiful and soft pillow, made of velour, designed for the multi-functional rocker, in versatile gray. The pillow makes the rocking much more enjoyable and comfortable. It has the OEKO Tex 100 Certificate, which guarantees the best quality and safety. The pillowcase can be washed in the washing machine at 30 degrees Celsius (around 86 degrees Fahrenheit).

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A multi-functional rocker’s size is perfect for smaller children – at the age of 1 to 5. The rocker’s dimensions are 69 x 35 x 40 cm. Maximum load is up to 25 kg. (55 Lb). It takes little space, providing at the same time long hours of fun and relax.

Multiplicity of use

Our multi-functional rocker can be used in a number of ways and it provides space for your child’s creativity! It aids Your child while exercising, leisure, as well as creative activities.

Eco-friendly materials

Our multi-functional rocker, together with all the modules, is made from processed wood of medium density, paper laminated, containing 92 % of wood. It is fully Eco-friendly and degradable. It has a hygienic certificate issued by IBU – Institut Bauen und Umwelt e.V., Berlin.


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Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 3 cm

28 reviews for Omni multifunction rocker

  1. Antonia-Maria

  2. Monika

    The omni rocker + slide is the perfect Christmas or birthday gift (including the first one). It turned out to be a hit with us, our daughter – 11 months old likes to rock in it and, with belay, makes her first attempts to slide down. I highly recommend it, it is certainly a product that will serve for years, aroused the interest of a seven-year-old nephew (as a balancing board) and a five-year-old niece (playing shop with the desk option). I, as a mother, in addition to functionality, appreciate the high quality and safety. In the future I am going to buy a chair, a kitchen helper and a climbing wall ????

  3. MamaPiW

    The Omini rocker is the best choice when it comes to the first rocker for your child. In our case, it is a gift for a newborn grandson from Grandparents. It was not an ordinary gift, an ordinary purchase – it is an investment in the proper development of the Toddler. On the one hand, a great way to train the sense of balance and release children’s energy in safe conditions, on the other hand, the possibility of calming down before bedtime. We additionally use the rocker for our son’s monthly photo shoots. Thanks to it, we have an aesthetic background showing the development of our child’s skills.

  4. Szemilia

    The rocker is amazing! And to relax and have fun 🙂 Even a few times our toddler fell asleep in it, so what can I say – a miracle! I recommend it to everyone, because the product is safe, and the child can have fun with it and learn many things at the same time.

  5. Anna Rączka

    A great rocker for smaller babies. We’ve had it since our son turned one. On a daily basis, it serves as a table that the young uses every day, and if he feels like it, he orders it to be moved to a rocker or add slides. Very solid and looks great at home, we recommend it

  6. Anna Kiliszek

    It was a very good purchase. My son got a rocker at the age of about 1.5 years. They love to climb, slide and swing. He has plenty of ideas for using the rocker, e.g. as a track for cars or balls. It is also a favorite table to eat desserts, and a great way to wind down and take an afternoon nap, because he likes to lie down in it and rest after playing.

  7. Malwina

    I bought the rocker when the baby was about 10 months old. Initially used with assistance, currently – 4 months later – the child copes with climbing and rocking on it’s own, of course, it requires belaying when sliding down. The rocker is well made, although the description of the item is a bit confusing with the word wooden. I expected a rocker made of solid wood, and it is some kind of board, but it is really a very good product, with a great quality-price ratio. It is perfect, even for small apartments, especially due to its multifunctionality.

  8. Dominika

    My son wanted me and my husband to buy him a rocker for a long time. There are many options on the market but we decided on this one from you. The price osraz somehow is very attractive and highly competitive to others. You showed that you can make a rocker that boasts amazing quality and safety and at the same time prepare a price so that most people can buy it. I believe that this type of toy should be buttoned up to the last button. My son and his friends play with the rocker every day. For us, quality is the most important thing and we found it here at Lunekids 🙂

  9. Marta

    The multifunctional rocker Omni+ slide is great fun for a child. I bought it for my daughter right after her first birthday, she is now 17 months old. The kit is used daily. Due to its small size, it is ideal for a small apartment, but above all, it is safe for a toddler. Daughter loves to slide down the slide, especially on her belly ????. We also use the rocker as a table – to watch books, do art work, make theater plays. The daughter found one more use – it’s the perfect footstool to reach inaccessible items from higher shelves ???? We use it as a rocker for our two-month-old son, he likes such rocking very much. The price for such a large set is low, but the quality is the highest.

  10. Kar

    It was a 10 shot! Our son loves to climb on the rocker, which most often serves as a ladder. We bought a slide for it and in this way we gained a favorite play point at home. The product is made aesthetically, subdued colors match any interior. The rocker is also very stable, thanks to which I am calm when my son plays on it. Before the child mastered climbing, we used the table option – the toddler placed his toys on it. I love such simple, yet multifunctional devices. I definitely recommend! Affordable price is an added advantage 🙂

  11. Kinga

    Definitely a plus. Multifunctionality is what we wanted. Size – perfect for the size of our apartment. Beautiful, simple design, well-kept every detail. Our child loves and plays in a “non-standard” way, which additionally supports his development and shows that the Rocker can be used in many more ways than those described on the website. We definitely recommend it to every parent who wants to make a multifunctional, long-term toy for their child.

  12. Anastazja

    I ordered this rocker + slides and highchair for my daughter’s second birthday. I regret not buying a year ago. It is a really successful gift. My daughter uses it in many ways. Mostly as a rocker. But he also drinks tea at the table, colors coloring books with crayons. Of course, he also goes down the slide. The rocker is made of good quality wood, solid. It fits into any interior. I highly recommend this product. It will last quite a few years.

  13. Sara

    I bought an omni rocker with a slide for my daughter, who will soon be one year old. The workmanship is very good, the elements are carefully sanded, the painting is solid. I think that the toy will serve us for years, especially since it has many uses. At the moment, the daughter is rocking in a rocker or practicing walking in place by the ladder, soon we will launch the slides 🙂 One built-up side is great – for a small child it can be used as a backrest, in some time it will probably be a shop counter 😉

  14. Emil Michalik

    I bought a rocker for my daughter who was 7 months old. She was passionate about it from the beginning. It is very nice that the rocker has one side built-in (desk function), it significantly reduces the risk that a small child will fall out of the rocker while rocking. When the daughter was about 10 months old, the rocker became a bit small for rocking and began to serve as an office. The daughter started to get up next to him. The product is very solidly made, I have no complaints about the quality. Fast order fulfillment. I highly recommend

  15. Rafal

    The rocker is a great thing. For a long time, it served as a table for my daughter, where she ate and played. Now it is a great rocking chair after being padded with a blanket and pillow. The slide for this rocker is too short in my opinion. If someone is set on the slide, I think it is worth buying a set of larger sizes. A well-made rocker, it is easy to assemble and after folding it is a solid construction – set as a table, it can easily stand when an adult man sits on it 🙂 . I am pleasantly surprised how much fun it gives my child. This rocker will always be a good buy. I recommend it to everyone, especially if you don’t know what to buy a small child for a gift.

  16. Malwina Wójcik

    I bought the Omni rocker together with the slide and it was the best decision possible. A 2-year-old child immediately after unpacking was interested in sliding down ???? a rocker is the best for putting a child to sleep, just give pillows and rock a little – nap guaranteed 🙂 quality of products without reservations, simple assembly instructions, 15 minutes of work and the equipment is ready. I highly recommend! If I had more space in the house, I would definitely buy something else! I think it’s just right for a birthday present 🙂

  17. Anita

    I bought a rocker with a slide. A product of excellent quality, beautifully made, with attention to every detail. It fits perfectly into any interior. The only downside is that it comes in a plain box without any instructions or even a leaflet. Bought as a gift, it could not go in this form because the recipient would have no idea what it is and what it is for. Finally, I created a mini leaflet and printed the instructions 🙂 There could be an option on the website, something like gift wrap. In addition, the rocker located in the form of a table is rather suitable for older children. A one-year-old girl interested in the table itself was easily able to knock it over, so you have to be careful 🙂

  18. Olga i Julka

    The rocker with the slide was given to my daughter for her first birthday. It is EXTREMELY MULTIFUNCTIONAL! Daughter uses it as a slide with climbing, a rocker for a nap and now (15 months), after being turned over, also as a table for playing and learning to paint. It is also very important for me as a parent to make a “toy” well. Pieces of wood, paint do not go anywhere. The whole is stable to play without supervision. I highly recommend it, because these products are not for a given stage of development, but grow with the child. In addition, a plus for compatible other elements, such as a climbing wall, which will definitely appear in our collection! The toy develops the child’s manual skills thanks to climbing or balance and swinging, but also imagination: my daughter is trying to put the balls through the holes! 😀

  19. Paulina J

    We have a rocker, together with a slide, and it was probably the best purchase we have made so far. The price-quality ratio is amazing. The rocker has been in use every day for half a year and there are no signs of use on it, and there are many possibilities for fun.

  20. Kaja

    We bought the rocker for our one-year-old son together with the LittleSlide slide and it was a hit! The toddler was immediately interested in the new toy, initially it was used for rocking, and now, when the child is 2 years old, he willingly uses its other functions. The piece of furniture serves us, among others, as a table to play, a rocker, as well as a “climbing” thanks to the rungs perfectly adapted to the size of a small child. The rocker and the slide are very well made. In addition, their assembly is very simple and intuitive. The product will be the perfect gift for a gift. I recommend to everyone!

  21. KK

    We bought the rocker in a set with a LittleSlide slide and a Dino chair. A great purchase, we recommend it to all parents of little explorers. The toddler is constantly interested in the toy, and its multifunctionality is very activating. The son also likes to rock his stuffed animals, and e.g. toy cars slide off the slide 😉 A slide, a rocker and a table in one product is a great solution! Our toddler was involved in every stage from unpacking the package, through assembly, to very active use. Nothing has made our baby so happy for a long time. We recommend to everyone!

  22. Kamila

    We bought a multifunctional rocker + slides for a gift. There is no love for a rocker but we can’t fault the product 🙂 super aesthetic design made of durable and safe materials. There is no universal toy for all children. 🙂 Anyway, we recommend it anyway 🙂

  23. Patrycja

    Very solid rocker, safe finishes for toddlers who are just learning to walk. We bought a rocker when my son started climbing and verticalizing. The rocker was perfect for him. He climbed up the rungs gradually higher and higher. The rocker is heavy so it did not move and was very stable. It’s worth the price. In addition to the rocking function, we also often use it as a table for toys and in the future we hope to use it as a desk. We are definitely planning to buy a climbing wall in the future. Finishes and edges are rounded. Despite being hit with various objects, the paint does not fall off and there are no scratches. By setting the table in the position and adding a blanket, you can create a great base/hideout for your child. As a rocker, you have to press quite hard to make it rock, so the child will not fall over as easily as if it were rocking itself. The slide was used by my son’s 2-year-old friend and she was delighted. Perfect for ages 8 months – 3 years!

  24. Asia

    A multifunctional rocker is one of those things for a child that grows with it, thanks to which it serves for a very long time, what’s more, as the name suggests, it has many uses. We decided to buy a rocker in a set with a slide. My daughter has had it for a few months now and not a day goes by that she doesn’t use it. Sometimes it is a rocker for her, sometimes an armchair in which she watches cartoons or reads books, another time it is a climbing tower or a slide, and the next day it is a table at which she colors. The rocker was a shot in 10! It is also impossible not to mention the quality of workmanship – a plus 🙂 The rocker from Lunekids I have recommended more than once on my parenting profile on instagram and I know that not one person took advantage of my recommendation and also decided to buy it for their child: )

  25. Marta

    Being a speech therapist by profession, when choosing gifts for children, I am always guided by the fact that they should not only be used for fun, but also support the development of the toddler. I believe that the Omni Multifunctional Rocker with a slide perfectly fulfills both functions! It not only provides excellent, versatile fun as a rocker, ladder, balance beam, slide, hiding place or desk, but also supports the child’s motor development. The undoubted advantage of the Lunekids rockers is the quality and aesthetics of workmanship as well as the ease of assembly. It is also worth mentioning the friendly and helpful staff. I recommend Lunekids 🙂

  26. Żywia

    I bought an Omni rocker with a slide for my one and a half year old son. He was in the stage of climbing on everything and crawling everywhere, so such a toy turned out to be a hit. He liked the arc climbing and sliding down the most. Even our older son uses the balance rocker from time to time. The toy is solidly made, once twisted it holds well and does not clatter. The paint has not chipped yet and is easy to clean. We really like multifunctional toys. The only thing I would change is next time I would buy a bigger model.

  27. Małgorzata

    I recommend it to all undecided. The rocker my daughter got for a year. And since then we practice on it every day through play. The daughter is under the care of a physiotherapist and SI and both agree that the rocker helps a lot in sensory integration. Daily climbing or rocking are the perfect combination of fun and exercise.

  28. Dziadkowie

    We bought a rocker for our granddaughter for a year. This is a great toy for a child of all ages. The Omni rocker is easy to assemble, very solid, made of ecological material, and looks beautiful. Thanks to the original shape of the boat, it can find many applications. Starting with the obvious one – rocking and resting in a basin, through a slide, a climbing hill, a desk for a book or a drawing book, and after turning it over, it becomes a mink in which the granddaughter loves to hide. In addition, we installed pegs with hooks in the ceiling of the balcony, 4 webbing straps attached to the hooks and on the openings of the rocker. There is a hammock hanging 10 cm above the ground, into which the granddaughter jumps together with the dog. We highly recommend.

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