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Dino Interleaver – Diplo Sophie


Dino – interlaced are toys intended for children aged 6 months and over. They are stable and very gentle in reception – they do not have sharp edges. They are perfect for interlacing colorful beads, blocks or poles attached to a string. Our Dino – interweaving is one of the best motor toys! Meet Zosia – an exceptional diplodocus, Tadek – a mischievous parasaurolophus, Klaudia – a joyful, resolute triceratops, and Frank – a young spinosaurus. Dino interweavers are perfectly balanced – they stand on a flat surface by themselves.

The set includes a gray, thick, cotton string, approx. 1 m long

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Age range6 m -5 y.
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Diplo Sophie


Parasauroloph Tadek


Triceratops Claudia


Spinosaurus Franc

Key functions

Dino – interleaver and the development of fine motor skills

The slide / climbing wall, designed for The Big Rocker, is probably the longest available slide. Regular slides are 75-80 cm long. Our product is equipped with a safe brake mounted upfront. By turning the slide around, you can easily and quickly change it into the climbing wall and the other way round. The climbing wall has four, evenly placed handles, for child’s better grip. You simply install the slide module, putting the brake between the rocker’s rungs. The slide / climbing wall is 95 cm long and 39 cm wide.

For young children…

The proper development of fine motor skills is influenced, among others, by painting, drawing, molding from plasticine, fastening buttons or tying knots. However, these are not appropriate activities for the youngest children, under 1 year old. For them, the optimal way to develop motor skills will be primarily to practice the grip by holding and rotating dinusas, and the first attempts to thread the string through the holes.

…and the older ones

Older children, on the other hand, can take full advantage of the interlacing. Weaving strings or beads through the holes and arranging patterns from them is an excellent exercise for the child’s little fingers. Dino interleavings also teach patience, logical thinking, and support the development of hand-eye coordination. The interweaving of colored strings is not all that Dino can offer – interleaved. Over time, the child also learns shapes, colors and textures. The enormity of possibilities ensures a lot of fun and chases boredom for long hours!

Is a toy for years!

Wooden Dino interleavings are extremely durable. So we don’t have to worry that the curious toddler will spoil the toy. This beautiful collection can be passed on to the next children in the family even for several generations!

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It is ideally suited to the small hands of a child.

It entertains and develops

A beautiful and functional toy in an attractive, absorbing form, it will provide your child with hours of entertainment supporting development!

Eco-friendly materials

Velvety to the touch. Dino interleaves are made of medium-density processed wood, laminated with paper, with a wood content of 92%. It is fully ecological and biodegradable. Hygienic certificate IBU ¬ Institut Bauen und Umwelt e.V., Berlin.


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Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

1 review for Dino Interleaver – Diplo Sophie

  1. Małgorzata

    I am satisfied with the purchase. Together with my daughter, we thread the string through the holes. My daughter is having a good time with it. We practice manipulative skills. And by the way, we pretend to be little dinosaurs. I recommend!!!

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