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Chess, foreign language

plays an instrument and do we see the children’s need to move? Every mother knows the soothing effect of rocking and rocking. We often get irritated when a preschooler cannot sit still in one place. After all, movement is the basic development stimulus! Physical activity supports immunity, the body’s metabolic processes and adaptation skills. It supports mental and social development by helping to shape emotional intelligence and the ability to adapt. It is also necessary to mention the learning of perseverance, discipline or concentration that the child exercises through movement. So let’s offer our child something that will support the physical development of the toddler … Little experts believe that the playground should not be complete without a swing and a slide. Swings, rockers, rocking devices, i.e. all devices thanks to which the child moves rhythmically. The rocking reflex calms down and calms down. Swinging has a positive effect on the concentration of attention in children who have trouble focusing on one activity.
Balancing board
The balance beam provides the child with a lot of fun and exercise. In addition to exercising the sense of balance and concentration, a balancing board provides a young person with the development of motor coordination and support for gross motor skills. Plank exercises stimulate the vestibular system responsible for the learning process and develop the sense of deep feeling, i.e. feeling the position of the limbs without looking at them. Movement on the balance beam supports the strength of the muscles responsible for the correct posture of the child. The balance beam is a great toy, which is also a gymnastic device. It is perfect for exercises and rehabilitation of both children and adults. A balance board is used by physiotherapists to alleviate the effects and prevent injuries of the ankle and knee joints.


Multifunctional toy for children to stimulate physical activity. Can meet the need for movement and the need for rocking. It stimulates balance and symmetrical development of muscles and nerves. Your child will use his imagination to turn the rocker into a bridge, tent, mountain, igloo … How creative! The old boy with a blanket and pillows will lie down and, rocking a little, will finish his reading. And when he goes to sleep, his mother will relax on a huge rocker with a book and a drink;) The rocker can be supplemented with a climbing ramp or a slide, creating a comprehensive playground.

Remember to supervise the play of the younger child.

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