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Rocking and swinging

From the viewpoint of children, the playground is supposed to fulfill one function – having fun. Parents, however, want him to be safe and help their children develop. Physical activity in the playground supports the child’s motor skills, develops proper muscle tone and proper body posture. Playing together teaches interpersonal relationships, rules, patience and sharing. […]

Playground inside your home

Chess, foreign language plays an instrument and do we see the children’s need to move? Every mother knows the soothing effect of rocking and rocking. We often get irritated when a preschooler cannot sit still in one place. After all, movement is the basic development stimulus! Physical activity supports immunity, the body’s metabolic processes and […]

Children’s world of fun

Childhood it is the most joyful period in a person’s life. One of the main roles in the proper development of our children is played by play. It allows you to get to know and discover the world. It is necessary to ensure proper development. Develops creativity, spatial imagination, dexterity and motor skills. Play has […]