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Zero Waste

Regulations of the Zero Waste campaign

1. The Zero Waste campaign is the sale of defective products, with aesthetic defects, and not affecting the technical aspects of use, arising during the production process.

2. Zero Waste products are new, unused products.

3. Due to the defects mentioned in point 1, Zero Waste products are sold at a price 60% lower than the current manufacturer’s suggested price.

4. Zero Waste products are sold by an individual.

5. Zero Waste products are sold via social media platforms in the booking system. The first person to reserve a given product has the right of first refusal.

6. The person with the right of pre-emption is obliged to confirm the will to make the purchase within 24 hours from the moment of booking, via a private message through the channel in which the sale was made.

7. After confirming the purchase and arranging payment and shipping details, we wait another 48 hours for payment.

8. If the person with the pre-emption right fails to comply with the provisions of point 6 or 7, the pre-emption right is transferred to the next person making the reservation, chronologically.

9. Zero Waste products are shipped within the standard period of 1-5 business days from the date the payment is credited to your account.

10. Zero Waste products are covered by the standard manufacturer’s warranty, except for any defects they had at the time of sale.