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We invent, design and manufacture

We believe that true quality requires proper knowledge of the entire process. For this reason, we ourselves, from the idea for the product, through the design, prototyping and testing phase, to the final production – we operate independently of third parties and subcontractors. This guarantees that you will receive a top-class product for use.

We are parents too. We do not hide that it was only when we started to perform this function that made us realize how many unnecessary, non-functional and non-ecological things around us are. The mass of plastic and other materials that surrounds us on all sides is really frightening. The number of all things is increasing day by day, with a simultaneous decrease in their durability. In addition, while raising our children, as well as on the basis of conversations with other parents, we learned which products in the educational process have worked and which have not. Thanks to this, we guarantee that all our products have been thoroughly thought-out, carefully designed, and also reliably tested in battle.